Rhyl Childhood in the 1960s video



There are a number of nostalgia projects related to cine film of Rhyl in the 1960s compiled by individuals and organisations.

Thanks to Neil of Tape Studios and Ali Carter of Laundry Studios in Colwyn Bay for compiling this great work… many of the scenes link to chapters in the Reso, not least the image of a Black Five locomotive bringing holidaymakers into platform 2 of Rhyl station… Can’t stay now, must dash up the platform, put on my sincerest face and ask the driver if I can cab the loco…

Don’t forget to rattle the metal chain when you go over the passenger bridge. I hope you have more luck than me in getting a rude statement from the Bumtittybumbu machine on Platform 1!

Click the link below to run the film…

Rhyl in the sixties


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Scenes from the Reso of the sixties

My oldest pal, Victoria Bailey, has posted some great atmospheric pictures of life on the Reso in the early sixties… a different world!


A view up Rhydwen Drive… and not a car in site. These are Victoria’s siblings… notice the pole on the trike which parents could use to keep kids in check!

Just behind the lamp post on the right was the parade of shops, Hinchcliffe’s the Grocers where I went for a 10d uncut loaf, a wool shop where women seemed to go in a lot and not buy any wool… Vaughans the Newsagent and sweet shop and Dougie Astle’s Greengrocer’s with Fish and Chip shop in the back.

VB 2

The castellated walls to the gardens were great for playing “bestest falls”. Arfon Grove in the background.  It didn’t take much to draw a crowd in those days!


Two of the Bailey sisters, Suzanne and Debbie if I am not mistaken. As soon as it got hot in the summer we’d hunt out our trunks or cossies and when it got too hot, someone would always turn the garden hose on.

This shot is significant because the white house in the background is our old house, 4 Gwynfryn Ave.  By a strange coincidence the Bailey family moved in as we moved out in 1969.

Thanks to Victoria for sharing these 1960s delights and best wishes to all the Bailey family.

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Ken Loach Films released on You Tube for free.


Ken has been giving us a dose of undiluted reality for several generations now. It is a measure of the man that he has released all his films to You Tube as reference material to the moral bankruptcy of our political leaders.

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