Rhyl Promenade in its heyday


Rhyl in its tourist heyday!

Three theatres in view. The blue roof of the coliseum on the right, the dome of the Pavilion in the middle and the red brick and grey roof of the Gaiety Theatre next to the swimming baths and the Royal Floral Hall at top left. The skating and cycle rinks are also in view as is what looks like a packed paddling pool. Happy days in the late fifties or early sixties!


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Rhyl: The world’s first commercial hovercraft service


One of Rhyl’s claims to fame is that in the early sixties, it was the site of the world’s first commercial hovercraft service between Rhyl and Wallasey.

Why anyone would feel the need to go from Rhyl to Wallasey more than once for the novelty is beyond me, but in the early sixties I remember being taken to the West Parade, near the Harbour, to see the beast launch. I remember a terrific roar of the engines and dry sand flying everywhere and then it disappeared in the distance.

The service did not last long and the craft was wrecked when it slipped its moorings in a storm. My cousin Gerald, who was second coxswain on the lifeboat, was part of the crew which attempted to rescue it.



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Reso Football Team in the early sixties


This terrific photo was posted on Facebook by my old friend Duncan Neild-Siddall, it shows a team of Reso lads ready to play their match on the Rhydwen Close playing fields.

I reckon the picture was taken very early in the sixties, knowing some of the lads on it and the cut of their football kit and boots!

These smiling lads sums up the Reso for me. It seems the blink of an eye from then to now. Alas some of these lads are no longer with us and others will be approaching or in their seventies now.

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Another visual flavour of Rhyl in the 1960s…


The home town of my youth…

Click here to view the video.

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