Rhyl 1960s a video compilation by Chris Turner

This shows a range of footage from different sources showing Rhyl as it was in the early sixties compiled by good mate and collaborator Chris Turner…  various copyrights…

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The end of the line (or at least the signals!)

Since it opened in 1848, the North Wales line has been controlled from signal boxes, spaced every few miles along the coast. The line has enjoyed a very good safety record thanks to the efforts of these signalmen and women.

On Friday 23rd March 2018, all this history comes to an end as the signal boxes will be finally switched out, to be replaced by one of the regional signal boxes. Eventually all the lines in the UK will be controlled by just 10 boxes.

I’d just like to thank all those who have provided for our safety over the years.

I’ve always been fascinated by what happened in those boxes, the pulling of levers, the ringing of bells. I remember when Rhyl had large gantries of signals by the Grange Road and H bridge . These could be seen for miles and would be in action every few minutes in summertime. Rhyl No 1 and Number 2 boxes were responsible for them and all the movements in the shed, carriage shed and the yard.

Robin Harrison has put together this video, based on some of the local signal boxes.


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Trains on the North Wales Coast in 1907

I’ve posted a number of items to do with railways in Rhyl – a little further west for this delight from 1907. Thanks to Gwyn Jones for sharing…

Trains on the North Wales Coast 1907




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Marks and Spencer Rhyl pensioners c1980!

Bringing the MandS saga up to date, a picture of the Mand S pensioners on one of their regular meetings at the store! The company was very paternalistic and looked after its pensioners very well. Several hundred years worth of service to the company here. How many can you name?

Just to start you off… Janet Waring on the extreme right, auntie Margaret Walker in dark dress holding drink, Nora Merritt in dark blue dress and glasses smiling, Connie Armstrong standing behind my auntie Margaret…

mans s pensioners

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