Living the Reso!

For those of you for whom the Reso was especially redolent, or perhaps those who know it personally, you can now own your own part of it to complement the book… (I sound like an advert for the latest offering from the London Mint there!)

Working with Universal Wear, a Rhyl-based company, all the front covers will be made available on mugs for you to while away a few minutes of tea or coffee drinking in rampant nostalgia. The first cover is now available with the others to follow!

Incidentally, for all those who have been racking their brain to work out what the front cover of The Reso reminds them of, it is based on the box art of the £5 box of Standard Fireworks from the 1960s. (“Light up the sky with Standard Fireworks” might bring back some happy memories of those times.)

To order your mug, please contact Universal Wear directly:
Tel: 01745 354379

Reso mugs

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