Resolution Book Cover

For 2011’s Resolution, the focus of the action had moved from Rhyl to 70s/80s university days in York.

I had toyed with including a scene from the University Campus, such as the futuristic Central Hall, rising like a spaceship out of, what was, at one time, the largest artificial lake in Europe. I didn’t think it would have much recognisability so in the end I went for a potentially hackneyed and obvious building viewed in a slightly different light.

My mum always stated, in a comment so far beyond obvious that we always laughed, that York Minster was a “landmark”. When we lived in rural Cambridgeshire, which is as flat as the proverbial witches’ mammary, we would deliberately drive her across the fen to Ely and take bets on when she would proclaim with solemn gravity “Ely Cathedral… it’s a landmark, it is!” In truth, in the topography of the fens, anything that tops ten metres above the ground constitutes a significant landmark, so technically old Crid could not be faulted in her observation!


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