A Rhyl Constant… the RMR


Having just returned from a visit to Rhyl, I am constantly reminded of what has changed. I don’t want to get into the endless discussion about how much better the town was in my day, because change is inevitable and seaside resorts know this better than most.

That said, I do find it very reassuring to find that there is a corner of the old hometown which is for the most part unchanged and that is the Rhyl Miniature Railway which runs round the Marine Lake in the west end of the town.

The miniature steam engines are the same as I remember riding behind in the sixties as are the carriages, which date from 1913 and still provide hard and corrugated wooden support to would-be passengers. The engines and carriages are even the same colour, which makes them even more dear. I can touch, smell and experience the past when close to them.

A journey around the Marine Lake is a must do when visiting the town of Rhyl.


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