Rhyl Reminiscences


I’m just back from a visit to Rhyl to attend the premiere of the Rhyl Reminiscences film.

I’ve been helping TAPE Community Film to organise meetings and source films which show Rhyl in its heyday as part of a larger community project.

The film on Thursday evening at the Town Hall had some great scenes of the town and activities, long gone of things like casing – carrying the cases of holiday makers to their digs rom the station. The carts we used were most made out of old Silver Cross prams and orange boxes! I mentioned them in the first Reso book.

It was fantastic to meet up with old friends and lovers of the town.

Had a very interesting conversation with the Turners, who are town stalwarts and some possibly interesting news might come from it shortly.

Stayed at the Pier Hotel – was pleased to find that Tricia Penrose (Gina from Heartbeat) and Madness had preceded me!

Fond memories of this building at night were recreated by the new Dragon Bridge in the harbour… constantly changing lights reflecting off the water…

Rhyl Promenade and Pavilion 1974

Rhyl Promenade and Pavilion 1974

dragon bridge

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