Pavilion Circus



Another benefit of growing up in Rhyl was the regular visits of the circuses. Usually Billy Smart’s or Chipperfield’s would pitch up on Brookes Field. There were also smaller circuses which visited the Pavilion.

As part of their publicity, the circuses would regularly parade exotic animals along Vale Road, or on the beach. I can well remember touring the animal cages (externally) parked up at the side of the Pavilion and being appalled by the lion poo – the smell and volume of it.

There was a rumour in Rhyl that a circus at the turn of the century had some deaths among the animals and that, depending on who you ask, a bear or a camel and an elephant had been buried near the brickfield pond. That will make an interesting find for a 22nd century Time Team!

Thanks to Richard Llewelyn for sharing this poster from one of the visiting circuses.

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