Rhyl regeneration… an overview

Photo copyright of : Mark Barnes via LIS Aerial Photography


Mark Barnes of LIS Aerial Photography has recently published this drone footage of the West End of Rhyl Promenade. I found it both fascinating and sad to see the exciting current developments in this area of the town and contrast them to the memories I had of the sheer excitement that this end of the town always embraced with the Fairs, the Beach, the Little Train and the Harbour.

Nothing remains the same. As Simon and Garfunkel sang…

“preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you.”  

Click here to see the full film… Aerial view of Rhyl West End

This aerial view of the West End of Rhyl features scenes which appeared in the Reso…

  • the Foryd Harbour where I had a short abortive fishing trip with my dad
  • the Rhyl Ocean Beach funfair site which is due to be redeveloped
  • behind that the Marine Lake, where the Rhyl Miniature Railway steam train still runs around the lake and where I lost a school shoe trying to walk out to the island
  • I was warned in no uncertain terms that I was not allowed to play in the shrubs and trees between the Marine Lake and the Foryd River…  was never sure why!
  • the Foryd Bridge, sometimes known as the Blue Bridge, although in Reso times it was painted silver grey!
  • on the old fairground site was a night club called the Ritz that hosted the Beatles in the early sixties, they also appeared in other venues in Rhyl

This area is much changed from my youth with regeneration taking place, particularly on the sea defences and the harbour café and Dragon Bridge!





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