A very sexy and a very tall man apparently!



Had a bizarre experience today, I passed an old lady with her carer and she said “Hello” and I said hello back.  She then said loudly,
“You are a very sexy man and so very tall!”

Her carer was mortified and tried to walk on quickly, I could hear her repeating,
“But he is a sexy man and he is very tall!”

It was like Benny Hill in the Italian job talking about “Big girls… really, really big girls!”
I was trying to remember the last time someone called me a very sexy man, it must have been a very long time ago. Then I remembered, no-one has ever said those words to me before.

Although, I have been called tall before. I remember someone on the Reso saying to me,

“You think you are dead tall don’t you!”

Then he hit me.

What a strange world it would be if nobody had any speech inhibitions and said what they though!


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