Rhyl Childhood in the 1960s video



There are a number of nostalgia projects related to cine film of Rhyl in the 1960s compiled by individuals and organisations.

Thanks to Neil of Tape Studios and Ali Carter of Laundry Studios in Colwyn Bay for compiling this great work… many of the scenes link to chapters in the Reso, not least the image of a Black Five locomotive bringing holidaymakers into platform 2 of Rhyl station… Can’t stay now, must dash up the platform, put on my sincerest face and ask the driver if I can cab the loco…

Don’t forget to rattle the metal chain when you go over the passenger bridge. I hope you have more luck than me in getting a rude statement from the Bumtittybumbu machine on Platform 1!

Click the link below to run the film…

Rhyl in the sixties


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2 thoughts on “Rhyl Childhood in the 1960s video

  1. Fergy bennett says:

    Getting off a train in rhyl I think possibly in the station or on a placard soon after exitI ll always remember a placard advertising the ‘beetles ‘appearing somewhere locally. It’s always remained with me the fact of the name being Mispelt !
    Who would have predicted then they would become such a world wide phenomena !at a guess I would say 1960 .perhaps someone out there could tell me where they were appearing and more of a specific month and year


    • educationalist04 says:

      Hi Fergy, Thank you for your comment. The Beatles appeared in Rhyl several times. At least once each at the Regent’s Ballroom above Burtons and at the Ritz Ballroom near the Harbour, next to the Fair. The Regent building is still in Rhyl but the Ritz burnt down in the mid sixties and that area of town is currently being redeveloped.


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