The notorious wicker beach chairs on Rhyl Pier

A nostalgic view of what remained of Rhyl Pier in the late fifties or early sixties. The pier was finally demolished in 1973.

Those of them that can remember them usually have a story to tell of the wicker chairs that could be hired out for an afternoon’s sun bathing. I’ve yet to meet anyone who sat in one who has not mentioned that they, and their partner used to pull two together as it was a close to privacy as you could get on Rhyl Beach front! I’ll leave the rest to imagination.


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3 thoughts on “The notorious wicker beach chairs on Rhyl Pier

  1. Sandra Mellor says:

    When did these chairs disappear, and what happened to them


    • educationalist04 says:

      Hi Sandra, To the best of my knowledge they disappeared right at the end of the sixties, although I don’t have a precise date. n one of the Rhyl sites there was a picture of hundreds of them stored over winter in a council owned shed. I had heard that they were eventually burned! Imagine what peoplewould pay for one to recreate happy times on Rhyl Promenade!


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