Changing the narrative through images

Like many seaside resorts, Rhyl has had great difficulties coming to terms with the changes over the last forty years. No less than a community that  relies on a single heavy industry, such as coal mining or steel making, the seaside resorts have all the weaknesses of the mono-economy. When the main industry goes into drastic decline, so the whole community suffers.

Moreover, the population profile of seaside resorts tends to work against their quick regeneration – generations of people who have known the town as a seaside resort retire to the place, whereas young people, exasperated with the lack of future jobs tend to migrate away.

Regeneration is a long, complicated and uncomfortable process. However, the town still has lots to  offer, and in particular a vibrant artistic community working in a range of media… below are some examples of photographic art…









Pictures by Jill Andrews, David Brindley, Jo Jenner, Gail Metcalfe and Charlotte Roberts.

Jo’s last shot shows the Old Brickfields Pond, once a scene of dread for all the kids off the Reso as it was rumoured to be too deep to be measured… now a nature reserve.

Who wouldn’t want a visit and holiday here…

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