Life on the Reso

One of my dad and Graham in our backyard in Gwynfryn Ave in the summer of 1949. My dad has just finished a shift on the Railway Signal and Telegraph gang.

I loved our house, except for the metal framed windows. My parents had moved in to the house in 1948 and I remember them telling me how exciting it was to be moving into a new house with “all mod cons”. The houses, like most built by the council will spacious and well-built, each having a good front and back garden, a shed, a coal store and an outside toilet.

In this photo, my dad had yet to get to grips with the garden. He built a crazy paving terrace where he is sitting with a central area for roses. The rest of the garden was given over to vegetables. Nothing quite tasted like the home grown carrots, peas, carrots and potatoes! That also  meant that in November, the garden was also available for the November 5th firework and bonfire party.

DSCF0002 (23)

Graham loved playing with the colourful Bird’s Custard tins!



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