The end of the Rhyl hovercraft… RNLI rescue

The world’s first hovercraft service came to an ignominious end on the 17th September 1962. The hovercraft had completed its summer schedule and was tied up near the harbour, awaiting a tow back to its base in Liverpool for repairs and servicing.

She became adrift in high seas and the Rhyl Lifeboat was launched to rescue her. My cousin Gerald was involved in the rescue that night, helping to secure the hovercraft.

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3 thoughts on “The end of the Rhyl hovercraft… RNLI rescue

  1. Paul Frost MBE Rhyl RNLI Press Officer says:

    Hi, David, just a small point. Gerald was on the shore that night, not on the boat. We have a picture in the boathouse showing him strapping the hovercraft to the promenade rails. The shore crew also got recognition for their brave actions to stabilise the hovercraft.

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    • educationalist04 says:

      Hi Paul, I’m sorry, I’d always understood that Gerald had ben on the boat that night , although I do remember him telling me about the difficulties they had in securing the hovercraft. I’ve amended the post to reflect your information. Thank you for getting in touch with me.


    • educationalist04 says:

      Hi Paul, I always believed he was on the boat that night! Although he did tell me about tying the craft up and the struggle they had. I’ll amend the original post.


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