An unfortunate icy blast for Christmas

I’ve been a tad hors de combat in the last few weeks having damaged my ribs.

In an attempt to feign a wild and interesting story out of this I could describe a particularly treacherous off-piste adventure at Val d’Isere.

Unfortunately the truth is more prosaic. I slipped over on the icy road outside the doctor’s surgery. My last words to Jane were “You pop over to the shops for a moment and I’ll go back and get the car. I don’t want you slipping on that icy road outside the doctor’s.”

Old age does not come alone and no good turn goes unpunished.

As pain goes, I’d describe it as marginally less painful than shingles, but definitely in a category above childbirth and kidney stones.

I am now awaiting a blizzard of icy comments for that last remark.

I’ll be blaming the medication.


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