The last day of operation of Rhyl Signal Box, Friday March 23rd 2017.

For those of you who never had the experience of visiting Rhyl’s signal Box (and I am unfortunately in that category) Alan Roberts gives a silent walk through of the box which lies just beyond Platform 1 and before the Grange Road Bridge. It backs on to the car park.

You get some impression of how important Rhyl was as a railway site from the number of levers in the box. The red levers control signals, as does the yellow lever – which covers a distant signal (traditionally a yellow semaphore signal with a black band and a notch cut in the end. The black levers control points and blue ones control facing point locks. The white levers are signals that have been taken out of operation.

When you consider that there was a second box at the other end of platform 1 of a similar size which controlled the old engine shed and the sidings, as well what was until the late sixties a four track mainline,  you get some impression of the complexity and responsibility that the signalmen and women had to control.

Alan Roberts, a Rhyl signalman, and Adrian Schofield, took these pictures on the last day of operation at the box on Friday 23rd March 2018. Alan worked the 0600 to 1800 shift.

Over the weekend all the old semaphore arms will be taken out of use and the lines will in future be controlled by the coloured light signals shown in the final picture.

Thank you Alan, and  all your colleagues who have kept this section of track safe over the years.



















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