The Reso builds bridges… media, culture and regeneration.

Some things take an inordinate time to get goind… not least a production! In which case Chris Turner and I are delighted to announce that the Reso has worked with the Dementia Society in North Wales to produce a series of radio podcasts developed from the Reso.

The reason the Reso was selected for this project was the highly visual nature of the content and the focus of taking holidays in North Wales in the 1960s. For dementia sufferers clear and nostalgic images triggers memories and recollections of happy times and improves the quality of their lives within the disease.

The project would not have come to fruition without the fantastic support of long time friends of the Reso series. These include Alison Carter as Executive Producer who did the spade work developing the project, Steve Allan Jones who directed and produced the podcasts and our great local collaborator, Ian Puleston Davies who, as a Flint lad, has consistently lent his support to the project.

Having completed this phase of the development, Chris and I are returning too the development of the TV series. Six episodes are currently in development, with the prospect of more from the subsequent books, Beyond the Reso and Resolution.

The intention is to focus less on the event of producing the episodes in the local community using local actors and people, as in developing the capacity of North Wales generally, and Rhyl in particular, to develop as a creative media hub. In this way we can build capacity and improve employability and aspirations in the area. I’m sure the production stage will be great fun and we will be contacting community theatre and community groups at the appropriate time to support the work. The model of production will mirror that great sixties classic, Kes with local people intimately involved in shooting the episodes.

As the scripts develop we will be reaching out to potential collaborators which include local schools and colleges, charities who have synergy with our mission, and funders and sponsors who want to be part of the solution of improving the prospects of young people and investing in community development in Rhyl.

David Hughes (Ambrose Conway) and Chris Turner


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