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Catch friend of The Reso, Ian Puleston Davies in a chilling new series…



A good friend of the Reso, and promoter of our work Ian Puleston Davies , has been missing from British TV for a year or so as he has been tied up in a production in North America.

The new series aired recently with Ian appearing in the second episode as a chilling character bringing grief to the family of an immigrant police officer in Canada, played by the incomparable Tim Roth.

Tin Star is not Coronation Street and is not for the faint of heart, setting the monumental Canadian countryside against a tale of violence and revenge. Don’t miss it:

Tin Star





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Rhyl Positive

Rhyl Promenade and Pavilion 1974

Rhyl Promenade and Pavilion 1974


The old home town takes a bit of a battering at times and it can be difficult to see the positives in all the negative press.

Like many British seaside resorts, Rhyl has experienced many economic and social woes since the heyday of tourism. Since the 1970s the town has had to try and re-invent itself with a broader based economy. The former local MP and Welsh Assembly Member Chris Ruane, and Ann Jones have been particularly successful in winning development resources for the town, but it has been a long and difficult task and some locals have grown very impatient with the long lead times for new investment. Recently there have been significant developments on the promenade and this perhaps signals a more diverse and prosperous future.

This article was a riposte to a very negative article posted about life in the town…

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What’s in a name… the origins of Ambrose Conway

The Reso - A Sixties Childhood

I was on to a hiding to nothing being a Welsh writer called David Hughes. There is possibly no more sepia tone name in the land. I was one of four David Hughes’ I knew growing up in Rhyl and even the artistic ground was occupied by the singer of the same name. I therefore resolved to publish the books under an assumed name to give it a distinctive moniker.

I settled for Ambrose Conway. The Conway comes from my mum’s side of the family.

The Ambrose comes from a secondary school teacher called John Ambrose who taught me in my early years in secondary school. John Ambrose was a calm and kind influence to all and I really appreciated the time he spent patiently listening to me babble on. John taught us Welsh and would often finish off lessons with a reading from the Mabinogion, the book of Welsh legends. Looking back, the most important thing he taught me was not Welsh, but how to be.

John went on to teach at a number of schools, and was Headteacher at Ysgol Brynhyfryd in Ruthin. He died tragically young whilst leading the school. I hope he would have approved of the books and I’m only sorry I did not have the opportunity to pass them on to him and thank him properly for his positive influence in my youth.

Anyway, I thought I was on safe ground with the composition of Ambrose Conway… not so. Apparently I share my fate and Google search with a whole range of characters with that name. These include a stock car racer, US Football player and a Cistercian monk… I feel the need to up my game!

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