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Wales: Land of myths and legends. St Winifred, Caradog and a domestic!



Wales has a strong culture of the Arts. Today that can be seen in the International Eisteddfod and a continuing oral and musical tradition stretching from Male Voice choirs, to harpistry to internationally popular musical bands.

Each area has its own myths and legends and this story comes from Holywell, a few miles from Rhyl…

Mad, bad or humble? 

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Rhyl High Street at Armistice Celebrations 1918

This little grainy gem was plucked from one of my mum’s biscuit tins of precious things which resurfaced at the weekend after many years in forgotten storage.

It shows the High Street in Rhyl preparing to celebrate the Armistice to the First World War in 1918, in which the town, like so many others,  had paid so heavy a price.

My Nain had recently arrived in Rhyl to stay in the Children’s Convalescent Hospital, which became the Royal Alexandra Hospital, following an appendectomy. She so enjoyed life on the coast that she settled in the town and from that decision comes all our family.


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Best price on Beyond the Reso £2.88 on Amazon


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Best prices on Beyond the Reso!

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Beyond the Reso

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Iolo recommends the Reso for Christmas…

If you are stuck for a good read over Christmas, Iolo suggests one or all of the Reso Trilogy! What a shameful use of a dog for marketing purposes!

Certainly these two characters enjoyed it!


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