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Marks and Spencer Rhyl pensioners c1980!

Bringing the MandS saga up to date, a picture of the Mand S pensioners on one of their regular meetings at the store! The company was very paternalistic and looked after its pensioners very well. Several hundred years worth of service to the company here. How many can you name?

Just to start you off… Janet Waring on the extreme right, auntie Margaret Walker in dark dress holding drink, Nora Merritt in dark blue dress and glasses smiling, Connie Armstrong standing behind my auntie Margaret…

mans s pensioners

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One more from the Rhyl Mand S vaults!

Still in the 1950s, this picture represents two found members of the Rhyl Story, my auntie, Margaret Walker and Mrs Connie Armstrong at the party given to mark their 25 years service in 1957. Some Head Office staff came to do the presentations…

MS 25 years

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Rhyl Marks and Spencer Staff Japes…

Work hard, play hard! seemed to be the motto of Marks and Spencers and attached are a number of pictures outlining some of the jolly japes the M and S team got up to in the fifties….

The Welsh Dillydallies in Concert!

Ms concert 1


Babes in arms…my Auntie Margaret is in the pram being given milk stout!

MS concert 2

Does anyone recognise the faces?


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