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Wales: Land of myths and legends. St Winifred, Caradog and a domestic!



Wales has a strong culture of the Arts. Today that can be seen in the International Eisteddfod and a continuing oral and musical tradition stretching from Male Voice choirs, to harpistry to internationally popular musical bands.

Each area has its own myths and legends and this story comes from Holywell, a few miles from Rhyl…

Mad, bad or humble? 

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The beauty of books


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Monochrome: Against those of limited horizons

I was really pleased to have had this poem published on the inaugural day of the Rhyme Against Racism group launch…

They rise like mayflies on the brightest day, their darkest deeds to do,

Seeding discontent and foaming malice to scapegoat those others who,
Do not conform to their golden view,
Of a halcyon land of uplands, certainty, privilege and bleached white hue.
And what of you?

Do you succour them in protest at the failure of the rest, or think they have a vision of the nation at its best?

Be careful of the gift bequeathed by those who fought for right and vote, mindful of a future where the scapegoat might be you…

For they dream their dreams and express their fears in boring monochrome.

Ambrose Conway