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The aftermath of the Hovercraft rescue….

Linked to the earlier post about the Hovercraft in Rhyl in 1962, this short film footage shows the repair efforts the day after the Hovercraft slipped her moorings in high seas and was rescued by the Rhyl lifeboat. Thanks to Graeme Rich for posting this…

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The end of the Rhyl hovercraft… RNLI rescue

The world’s first hovercraft service came to an ignominious end on the 17th September 1962. The hovercraft had completed its summer schedule and was tied up near the harbour, awaiting a tow back to its base in Liverpool for repairs and servicing.

She became adrift in high seas and the Rhyl Lifeboat was launched to rescue her. My cousin Gerald was involved in the rescue that night, helping to secure the hovercraft.

See more from the RNLI archive here


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The world’s first hovercraft service Rhyl to Wallesey!

Thanks to Rhyl historian Stuart Jones for bringing this little gem to my attention…

Among Rhyl’s many claims to fame is the fact that it is the site of the world’s first commercial hovercraft operation – Rhyl to Wallasey which was started in 1962.

The operation caused quite a stir, not least for the noise and sand kicked up by its operation! The service fell foul of the fact that not that many people wanted to travel between Rhyl and Wallasey so it became a novelty service rather than a valued transport connection.

The service was also plagued by technical problems with regular unservicability.

Although the service would probably have folded before too long, high seas and an adverse wind meant that the hovercraft drifted out to sea in a storm and had to be rescued by the Rhyl Lifeboat. Among the crew was my cousin, Gerald Hughes, read more about him in an earlier post.  The hovercraft was damaged beyond economic repair and thus ended the world’s first commercial hovercraft service.

See the video here

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Fishing for Salmon in Rhyl 1920

The tradition of fishing for salmon at the entrance to the Foryd Harbour is an ancient one and I believe my cousin, Gerald Hughes, was one of the last people to hold a licence.

This film was made in 1920 and shows the process of setting a net and then rowing around in a small boat to ensnare the salmon. Click this link to see the film:

Rhyl Salmon Fishing


Here is my cousin Gerald Hughes, Rhyl lifeboat crew who fished the river and seas off Rhyl for Salmon, shrimps and course fish from the 1940s onwards…


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Rhyl Promenade… an aerial view…

There seems to be quite a cottage industry in North Wales compiling drone video footage of the area. This is the latest from drone pilot Lee Rey.

It gives a great perspective on the beauty of the promenade, and the developments currently taking place.

Thank you for permission to share it Lee…


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