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A Reso Christmas Read!

Christmas beckons and for those who have asked, Amazon Marketplace is the cheapest place to buy copies of the Reso books. Or you can order it through your local bookshop.

All three books are produced in a “just in time” format so that they are printed as an order comes in.

All three books, The Reso, Beyond the Reso and Resolution are also available on Kindle.

Here is the link to the books:

Amazon Link to Reso books

The Reso - A Sixties Childhood



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Best prices on Beyond the Reso!

The best prices on Beyond the Reso can be found here:

Beyond the Reso



Beyond the Reso

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Progress on the Reso Film

The Reso - A Sixties Childhood


There have been plenty of weeks when you are working to move a project forward and nothing happens… well this week has not been one of them!
A little synchronicity emerged this week which put the two other people I most want to work with on the Reso film in the frame.
A funding channel also emerged because this film making is an expensive business.
More news at the end of October.

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Rhyl History Club



You can’t beat the enthusiasm and passion of local volunteers researching the history of their district.

Rhyl History Club comes into that category. They represent the combined wisdom of many years. This is a typical post of theirs…

Rhyl Carnival 1929


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Reso Football Team in the early sixties


This terrific photo was posted on Facebook by my old friend Duncan Neild-Siddall, it shows a team of Reso lads ready to play their match on the Rhydwen Close playing fields.

I reckon the picture was taken very early in the sixties, knowing some of the lads on it and the cut of their football kit and boots!

These smiling lads sums up the Reso for me. It seems the blink of an eye from then to now. Alas some of these lads are no longer with us and others will be approaching or in their seventies now.

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