The Reso film… writing the screenplay!

I wouldn’t normally want to broadcast this until I’d finished it, but the professional advice I’ve read suggests that you should announce when you are writing a screenplay and confidently say the date by which it will be finished.

Apparently, the public affirmation of the process makes it less easy to come out with excuses when the finished manuscript isn’t delivered by the due date. This is meant to act as a stimulus to action and self-inflicted pressure (great!).

It has been a mixed experience to date.

On the one hand, it is great to be able to think in pictures, which is always my preference – I think I’m a visual learner.

On the other hand it is difficult to capture the action lucidly in the required screenplay format which is very specific and demanding.

Time alone will tell!

It is difficult to concentrate on the task and it seems very insignificant compared to the plight of the refugees. Still, seems that there is a growing head of pressure demanding action to help these poor people.

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