The Reso: Genesis of the cover image

When the final manuscript for the Res was finished in February 2007, thoughts turned to the cover.

I knew I wanted something iconic of my childhood which was also vibrantly colourful. The solution was obvious and I’d even mentioned it in the text – the box art of the £5 box of Standard Fireworks.

At a time when most, and certainly our family had small garden displays and a bonfire, every contributed fireworks to the display. I’m ashamed to say that I assiduously courted a lad whose dad worked away, but had more money than us. He therefore had access to a £5 box from the Standard range.

The artwork of the Huddersfield based company was as vivid as a migraine and graphically foretold what the enclosed fireworks, enticingly named things like Banshee, Little Demon, Vesuvius, Golden Rain and Silver Streak would create in the night sky…


The Reso - A Sixties Childhood


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