Gwynfryn Ave 1957

My first summer with my brother Graham in our front garden.

My dad loved that small lawn in the front garden and I can remember hearing him cut it on summer’s evenings after I had gone to bed. All the lawn and privet hedge cuttings were carefully composted and the roses regularly had their bone meal to keep them in fine trim.

The garden wall was the castellated type which was good for playing “Bestest Falls” – where someone pretended to be a German guard on the wall and the rest of us pretended to shoot him off with tommy guns! The winner was the one who did the best death dive off the wall… it was usually Richard Jones, who lived across the road from us.


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One thought on “Gwynfryn Ave 1957

  1. Val Parker says:

    I’m sure that was the year when the Duchess’ son had a brand new bike for Xmas. I borrowed it for a spin round the street, came round the bend too fast, hit her front wall, and catapulted over it into her prize roses! She was not too impressed, especially as the front wheel of the bike was no longer round……

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